Report of 16th ASIAN FAIR in Oyama


participatory stage (Thai Dance)

The 16th ASIAN FAIR was held on November 7th (Sat) at the square in front of the Itabashi Metropolitan Tax Office. In fact, the first opening date was cancelled due to a hurricane. Luckily, we had a beautiful day on the 7th, as if the bad weather one week before had been a dream. Actually it almost turned a bit sweaty.

This time’s ASIAN FAIR was co-hosted by the local Yuza-Oyama Shopping Street Association and while we received a lot of help, the fair itself proved to be an event strongly attached to the community. We really felt that APFS is supported by Oyama, where it is located.

The ASIAN FAIR was basically composed of two sections, the “Asian Food Stall Village” and the “Asian Stage”. At the “Asian Food Stall Village”, we had food stalls from eight countries (Bangladesh, the Philippines, Burma, Thailand, Pakistan, Iran, Hungary and Korea), all of them presenting their tastes of pride. Probably the good smell made them hungry, passers-by were also tempted.

The “Asian Stage” introduced Asian dances and music, featuring seven groups (plus one on the spot!) who showed the results of their everyday practice and their unique style. Among the performing groups there were who explained the meaning of the moves in their dance in detail or who made arrangements so that people in the audience could also participate, so it was very impressive when performers and guests enjoyed themselves together.

This way, the ASIAN FAIR was a festival which visitors could experience through taste, vision, hearing and their whole body. We are sure that from the stalls, from the stage and from everywhere else visiting guests could feel the hosting side’s energy and dedication to their culture.

At APFS, we would like to continue with our activities building on the energetic and unique characteristic of “Asia” while also deepen ties with our local community.