Study Tour to Bangladesh carried out

Hearing at Ministry of Home Affairs
Mr. Kato, President accompanied by staff members and volunteer staff members of APFS visited Dhaka, Bangladesh during November 25 through 29, 2010. Purpose of the tour is calls at support organizations and governmental body for of migrants as well as reunion with ex APFS members who returned to Bangladesh, their home country. We called and exchanged views with IOM, Ministry of Home Affairs regarding problems and issues of Bangladesh as a sending country of migrants. The parties we visited were very friendly and kind. About 20 ex APFS members who returned to Bangladesh gathered to welcome us. All the itinerary of the tour was coordinated by Mr. Masud Karim who was the first general secretary of APFS.

We realized that some of the returned people have difficulties in re-adapting and re-establishing their life. We recognized and identified issues how to support such people. We would like to develop actions from the lessons learned during the tour.

*The Independent, an English newspaper in Bangladesh, featured the tour.