Interim report for Suraj case


Funeral ceremony in Ghana

Following is an interim report regarding the case of Mr. Abubakar Awudu Suraj, a Ghanan who was died on March 22, 2010 by the control of an immigration authority during repatriation at government expense.

A letter of criminal complaint was submitted on June 28, three months later the case, to prosecutor’s office in Chiba by his wife jointly with the defense counsel and APFS, who felt frustrated because of no action taken to send a case to a prosecutor’s office. Although two months have passed since then, or five months since the case, nothing has happened but an investigation by police still continues. A defense team is regularly contacting prosecutor’s office in Chiba and police office in Chiba to in order to make an urgent request to send a case to a prosecutor’s office.

Suraj’s widow, a bereaved wife, left for Ghana with a dead body on June 29. In Ghana she met his family for the first time and joint a ceremony of funeral and burial. A picture inserted was taken during the funeral ceremony.

Suraj’s widow traveling to Ghana amounted to JPY 386,000 which was provided, thanks to everyone, out of the SURAJ DONATION (JPY 335,000 donated as of August 30, 2010). We are kindly asking for continuous donation for our activities to pursue the truth.

Please remit the donation for Mr. SURAJ to the following bank account:
Bank: Japan Post Bank Co., Ltd. (YUUCHO GINKO)
Account Name: APFS
Account Number: 00180-1-79158
Please insert “SURAJ DONATION.”

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