The Special Permission for Residence and Immigration Policy in Japan
– Entering the Age of “Selection of Immigrants” (in Japanese)

Edited by: Ichiro Watado, Eriko Suzuki, A.P.F.S.
Number of pages: 241
Published by: Akashi Shoten
ISBN-10: 4750325643
ISBN-13: 978-4750325644
Date of publication: 2007/5/31
Price: 2,520 JPY(including tax)

Considerations to Immigration Policy in Japan
– Measures against Decreasing Population (in Japanese)

Edited by: Masatoshi Yorimitsu
Number of pages: 233
Published by: Akashi Shoten
ISBN-10: 4750321826
ISBN-13: 978-4750321820
Date of publication: 2005/8/30
Price: 1,890 JPY (including tax)

“Amnesty to the Children!”
– A record of our Collective Action for the Special Permit for Residence (in Japanese)

Edited by: A.P.F.S.
Number of pages: 111
Published by: Gendai Jinbunsha
ISBN-10: 4877981098
ISBN-13: 978-4877981099
Date of publication:2002/12
Price: 1,050 JPY (including tax)

A.P.F.S. 15th Anniversary Video

Production: A.P.F.S.
Price: 2,000 JPY (including tax, without postage)
In 2002, commemorating the 15th anniversary of the foundation of A.P.F.S.,
we summarized our activities up to then in a video format.A.P.F.S.

While this video will help you to understand A.P.F.S. activities,
we hope that you will find it useful for considering co-existence with foreign
citizens living in Japan.

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A.P.F.S. Original CD

Production: A.P.F.S.
Recorded songs:
1.Let’s fights A.P.F.S.
2.A.P.F.S. theme
3.Let’s fights A.P.F.S. (karaoke version)
Lyrics/music: Yuki Okada
Price: 1,000 JPY (including tax, without postage)

To purchase this item, please contact A.P.F.S. (see below).
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