Volunteer with us!

Wouldn’t you like to help A.P.F.S. with your abilities?

We are looking forward to go on with our activities together with you all!

We are currently looking for volunteers who can do Japanese <-> English translation.

At A.P.F.S., a wide range of activities are carried out by only a few staff members. The power of each and every volunteer supports these A.P.F.S. activities. Transcending age and nationality, people under employment or education, foreigners or Japanese, all kinds of people participate in A.P.F.S. activities in their own way.

People interested in A.P.F.S. activities, people identifying with the intention of these activities, people wanting to try out being a volunteer at an NGO/NPO! Wouldn’t you like to try out volunteering at A.P.F.S. as one of us?

Welcomed volunteer tasks

・Office work with computer
It is OK if you can use basic programs such as Word, Excel etc.

・Editing and mailing of our newsletter
At A.P.F.S., every second month we issue our newsletter “This Land is -” to report on our activities. Volunteers are responsible for the whole, from planning the content to the layout. We would like to ask you to participate directly in editing or mailing work.

・Translation of different languages and Japanese
At A.P.F.S., we are in need of translation between Japanese and other languages such as English and Tagalog for external publications like our newsletter as well as for documents necessary for application or change of residential status etc. Would you like to try to make use of your language abilities?

・Planning and execution of various events
At A.P.F.S., we are having all kinds of events throughout the year such as opinion exchanges to have foreigners solve problems themselves (Share Meeting) or our “Asia Fair” rooted in the local community. Our volunteers help as planning or executive staff!


Concert planned by volunteers! Foreign born volunteers are also active!

・Consultation services
Mainly on Saturdays, we provide consultation at A.P.F.S. concerning visa, international marriage, health care and other problems of living in general. After a given training period of accompanying consultations etc., as a consultant together with the person in need you can look for solutions for his or her problem!

At A.P.F.S., we are trying to make many projects suggested by volunteers come true!

There are many things you can do as a volunteer!
If you are interested, why don’t you come and visit our office once?
After a brief interview with our volunteer coordinator, you can be a volunteer right away!
Please feel free to contact us!

Volunteer coordinator: Yoshida
Tel:03-3964-8739 (11:00-18:00)
E-mail: GZL07472@nifty.com