We raised funds for the Filipino typhoon victims.


Raised funds for the Filipino typhoon victims
Four Filipino people including members of APFS raised funds for the typhoon victims in Philippine at Ebina station on January 25th, 2014. Philippine was hit by this typhoon on November, 2013.
One of them came from Mindanao island, which was hit by typhoon directly. He asked for donation in a loud voice.
Although it has been 3 months since the typhoon, many people stopped to donate.
We collected 12,880 yen in 2 hours. We really appreciate your contribution.
We sent to this donation to Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO), Filipino Government Organization, with the donation collected in Matsudo before (62,522yen).
These donations will be used to restart fishing and rebuild schools through Commission on Filipinos Overseas.
(You can get information about these projects on the website (Only English))
Filipino living in Japan cannot go back to home country frequently, because they settle themselves in Japan.
If Japanese people had been raised funds, we could not collect donation so much like this.
It is because Filipino living in Japan took action for their home country that many people supported them and we collected donation.
Thank you for your kindness and contribution.

【edit on February 12】
Commission on Filipinos Overseas sent us a message.
It is really a great feeling in deed to see how helpful Japanese friends like you and of course our kababayang Pinoy who are always ready to extend assistance the best way they can. I know they have their own concerns and problems and yet they manage to send this aid.
Thank you and please tell them all that CFO is very grateful and we will make sure this domation reaches the most deserving beneficiaries. We will update you of the developments on this end.