APFS’s 24th Annual General Meeting

総会 議案提案

Reading the agenda for our General Meeting

Date: Sunday, April 11, 2010 1:00-4:30 pm
Place: Green Hall 504
Participants: Approx. 70 persons

As per the agenda, we spent the General Meeting reflecting on the following points regarding APFS’s activities in 2009 and our future course.

1.Regularization for irregular immigrants
We plan to continue to support irregular immigrants and their families, making sure not to exclude them from activities, by making the best use of APFS’s accumulated experience and knowledge.

2.Formal Non-Profit Organization (NPO) registration
In July 2010, APFS will be formally registered as a non-profit organization.
For the past 20+ years APFS has been active as a voluntary organization facilitating mutual aid and assistance among Japanese and foreign residents.
All of APFS’s property, assets, and other resources will be carried over to the organization’s NPO form.

3.Expansion of consultation topics
We will continue to carry out consultations with the ultimate goal of resolving each issue brought to us.
In addition to residence status, we will also work to give the best advice possible on issues relating to work, education, day-to-day life, and more.

4.Working closely with the Itabashi community
Currently most persons coming to APFS for consultations are from outside of Tokyo’s Itabashi Ward.、
However, nearly 20,000 foreign citizens live in Itabashi and it is likely that they may also have a need for consultation services.
For this reason, APFS will make a special effort to reach out to foreign citizens living in the Itabashi area.

APFS will take additional steps to increase funds taken from membership fees and donations, so as to avoid relying too heavily on grants.

APFS’s Objectives for 2010
–Working together to prepare for a new APFS!
–Letting the earnest, committed and firm nature of our work convey our message to society!
–Working more closely within our local area!

After the review of our agenda, we also elected staff representatives for 2010.
We look forward to working with each of you this coming year!