We co-hosted a demonstration concerning the death of Mr. ABUBAKAR AWADU SURAJ.


picture from the demonstration

Date and time: April 12th, 10:30-11:30
Place: Roppongi – Kasumigaseki
Number of participants: around 50

We held a demonstration together with the African community in Japan supporting the widow of Mr. ABUBAKAR AWADU SURAJ who died during deportation on March 22nd. It was organized mainly by Ghanaian (just like Mr. SURAJ) and other African born people, but regardless of nationality or skin color Japanese and other minority people gathered to. Including A.P.F.S. staff and volunteers, altogether approximately 50 people attended.

We walked in the rain from Mikawashima Park, Roppongi through Kasumigaseki to Hibiya Park. During the one hour demonstartion, led by Mr. Suraj’s widow and his friends, we called out that “WE WANT JUSTICE!!! – WE WANT JSUTICE!!!” and demanded an apology and explanation from the Minisrty of Justice, especially the Immigration Bureau and a proper invastigation and the release of concerning information by the Chiba Prefectural Police.