Seminars on support for employment and computer for foreign residents


Computer Seminar
APFS works on foreign residents for the independence of foreign residents” subsidized by The Welfare And Medical Service Agency (WAM). We offer various supports such as training for care workers and organizing seminars for the independence of foreign residents. We have two seminars for foreigners from November 15th as one of our supports. We want foreign residents to attend both seminars, on employment and on computer, to get a better work opportunity or job than what you do now. We aim to make foreigners improve their ability to live by themselves through these supports.

【A seminar on support for employment】
lecturer Kumiko Ara (social insurance consultant at Hibiya station office of social insurance and labor consultant)
What makes foreigners puzzled most when they start to work in Japan is the unique employment system of Japan. It is important for foreigners to understand a difference between Japan and other countries such as permanent employment and job rotation and so on. Foreigners can protect themselves by having knowledge of the Labor Standards Act. This seminar also aims to support job hunting and expand a work opportunity for foreigners so that they can be independent as a member of the society in Japan.

【A seminar on computer】
lecturer Kouhei Ishii (IBM Japan IT specialist)
This seminar is designed for foreign residents who cannot use computers and get appropriate information. It aims to give foreigners an opportunity to use computers and be able to do it correctly like making documents with Microsoft Word, making simple graphs with Excel, and being able to access information you want on the Internet.

●Date   November 2015 ~ March 2016 (once per month, every third Sunday)
●Place  NPO APFS office (1 min walk from Tobu-Tojo line Oyama station)
●Fee   Free
●Limit  10
Support for employment 14:00~15:00
Computer 15:30~17:30

Nov 15th (Sun)
Support for employment

Overview (Comparison with other countries, Employment system in Japan, My number system)
①Computer basic ①(Switch-on/off, Mouse operation)/②Computer basic ②(Keyboard operation)

Dec 13th (Sun) *The date has been changed from 20th (Sun)
Support for employment

Basic knowledge of labor law ①
③Internet browsing ①/④Internet browsing ②

Jan 17th (Sun)
Support for employment

Basic knowledge of labor law ②
⑤Email/⑥Word (typing)

Feb 21st (Sun)
Support for employment

How to write a CV
⑦Word (typing, print )/⑧Excel (data typing)

Mar 20th (Sun)
Support for employment

How to take an interview (summary)
⑨Excel (graph)/⑩Summary

●Application By phone or email. Please tell your name and mobile phone number. 
(Please make sure that you can attend all the five lessons.)

●Contact Kato (APFS) TEL 03-3964-8739 E-mail


Supported by Social Welfare Assistance Project (Welfare and Medical Service Agency)