【Earthquake】Please Donate to Our Second Activity of Food Distribution!


The disaster area is in need of warm meals now.
At APFS, as a continuation to Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture, we are thinking of a second activity to provide food to the disaster area.

Money is needed to buy ingredients. For example, in the first project, it cost almost 300,000 yens.

We would definitely like to proceed with the second distribution of warm meals but there is a limit to what we can do by ourselves. Funds are necessary for our second food provision.

We would like to engage in our second food distributing activity with funds from your donations. We will deliver smiles to the face of more disaster victims. We set a target amount of [300,000 yens]. Let us have your support!

Donations to
Financial institution Japan Post Bank
Name of client APFS
Account number 00130-6-485104
* Please note in the massage column that “APFS Disaster Project”.

* If we cannot collect 300.000 yens, we will plan and carry out some other disaster project or make inquiries to localities about what is needed at the moment to buy material and deliver it to a shelter with acquaintance.