HELP! Donations needed for Suraj’s surviving family!



Abubakar Awudu Suraj, an undocumented Ghanaian man living in Tokyo, died during a forced deportation on March 22, 2010. While nearly 3 months have passed, Suraj’s case is still under investigation, and the cause of his death is still said to be unknown. Suraj’s widow and APFS have been petitioning the Immigration Bureau, the Ministry of Justice, the Police Department, and the Prosecutor’s Office for the truth.

Right now we are preparing to send Suraj’s body to Ghana. Following negotiations, the Ministry of Justice has agreed to pay expenses for sending Suraj’s body, but they are refusing to pay for his widow’s accompaniment.

    APFS is asking all its friends and members for donations so that Suraj’s widow may accompany her husband’s body on the trip to Ghana.

Suraj’s widow has not been able to work due to the shock of losing her husband, and had already spent much of her savings over the long period that her husband was kept in Immigration’s detention center. For these reasons, it is nearly impossible for her to afford a ticket to Ghana.、

Please help us see that Suraj’s widow will be able to accompany her husband on his final journey home and be there when he is reunited with his family.

Please send donations to:
Bank Name: Japan Post Bank
Account Holder: APFS
Account Number: 00180-1-7915
*Please write “Donations for Suraj’s family” on the form

Yoshida (Ms.)