2nd Meeting in Continuous Series

On October 27 (Sunday), APFS held our second discussion meeting in the Exchange Session with Immigrant Workers series of meetings at the APFS office. The theme was “Immigrant Workers from the Philippines”, and our guest speaker was Mika Hattori, a Filipino woman who naturalized to obtain Japanese citizenship. She spoke about her daily life in Japan and her experience with raising a child here. For her, the most difficult part of living in Japan is the difficulty of reading and writing the Japanese language. For example, when her child brings home some documents from school, Ms. Hattori has trouble reading and understand all of it, and so feels a bit frustrated. She also spoke about her reasons for obtaining Japanese citizenship. At the meeting, we enjoyed some Filipino shrimp soup.

Join us again on November 24 when we will have a speaker from Myanmar. If you would like to join, please contact us.