1st Meeting in Continuous Series

On September 22 (Sunday), APFS held our first discussion meeting in the Exchange Session with Immigrant Workers series of meetings at the APFS office. Our guest speaker was Jerry from Ghana. Jerry was a soccer player in Ghana before coming to Japan 20 years ago. Through Japanese colleagues and learning about Japan in school, he became interested in Japan. He currently works in the construction industry in Japan, and spoke about his job, including his relationship with his co-workers and his boss. He also spoke about an injury he received at work, which is not unusual for the type of work he does which is very physically demanding. He also gave us a Ghana dish which he prepared himself for us to eat at the meeting. It consisted of rice with chicken and eggs.

Please join us next time for our 2nd discussion meeting where we will have Mika Hattori, a woman from the Philippines, as our guest speaker.