The special Permission to stay in Japan has been given to Mr. Bolanos Jorge Cabrera!


Good news to his family, too!
Mr. Bolanos Jorge Cabrera got the special permission for residence on 9th October, 2014.
We APFS have worked with him and his family for 4 years.

Recently it has been not so easy to get the special permission to stay in Japan by re-trial.
Mr.Bolanos has a Japanese wife and two children.
It was a glad tidings to his family because they had been worried about the precarious status of him.

We have been doing various activities together such as the volunteering at the disaster stricken area in Tohoku and the requesting the support for the local community and the appealing to the municipal assembly.
The activities so far bore fruit.

Also he has “the hope”of “making his family happy” for a long time.
After getting this special permission to stay in Japan, he will work vigorously towards his hope from now.

In APFS, we have continued “the project to the road to hope” since June, 2014.
We will keep on doing these activities to actualize the society in that everyone can have ”the hope”.

【The project in progress now】
To make the society in that everyone can have the hope
The project of appealing to the municipal assembly

we are searching for the sponsor of “READY FOR?” that is the site of crowd funding.