We raise the money for Philippines Typhoon with Filipino living in Japan


Thank you for your cooperation with us.
On November 8, 2013, Typhoon No.30 (Haiyan) hit the midland of Philippine. According to the report of CNN, 5,209 people were killed by November 22. And over 3 million people have to shelter.

APFS has many Philippine members living in Japan. Though they want to help victims, they cannot return to Philippine easily because they are in Japan with their family. So we decided to raise the money, hoping to help the damaged.

APFS asked pedestrians to enlist the fund-raising with Philippine members at east exit of Matsudo Station on November 24 (Sun), 2013. People were interested in our activity and cooperated with us. We could collect 62,552 yen in just two and a half hours.

The contributions will be sent to Philippine as soon as possible after we select reliable NGO.

It is expected to take a long time to recover from this disaster. APFS will think of and carry out the measure of support with the Philippine members living in Japan.