Implementation of APFS Disaster Aid Project


After making flower bed
APFS(ASIAN PEOPLE’S FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY) did Disaster Aid Project(Vol.4) with 6 foreign residents (from Iran, Srilanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippine).We went to Rikuzzentakata city & Ohunnato city in Iwate prefecture from April 3rd (Wed) to 7th (Sun).
To accomplish this project, we got help from “Daikon project” who keep supporting at Iwate since the earthquake.

What we did :
April 4th (Thurs) 10:00am~4:00pm
Cleaning windows of Takinosato temporary dwelling, making footbath for the elder, and supporting for the tea party.
In the morning we wiped windows of all temporary dwellings from outside. Cleaning windows, we talked residents in temporary dwellings. In the afternoon, we support them to hold tea party and made footbath for the elder at meeting space.

April 5th (Fri) 2013 10:00am~4:30pm
Making flower bed and planting nursery trees in Yonesaki town, Rikuzentakata city
We helped Ms. Yoshida Masako, who is striving for making “HANAKKO BATAKE”. She desire to make a flower bed again at the place where everything was washed away by Tsunami 2 years ago. 6 foreigners laid bricks at the spot where the ground was uncovered and made flower bed. We also planted nursery trees which are going to flower in Summer.

April 6th (Sat) 2013 10:00am~4:00pm
Trimming trees and bamboos at Nishidate, Matussaki town , Ohunato city
Local residents are trying to change the ruins of a castle to a park (to remember the history of the town and the disaster) though they are also earthquake victims. The ruins of a castle is in a mountain which has many trees and bamboo not trimmed. 6 foreigner residents help them and we convey trees and bamboos which local residents cut.

One of the project members from Iran said “I have lived in here Japan for 22years and the disaster in Japan is my problem. I feel as if the disaster happened in my own country.”
The member from Pakistan said that only human being can protect human being and become “medicine of heart”. He also said that we want to help Japanese people by using our hands and feet.

Two years has passed since the Japan earthquake. In Tokyo, we are getting to forget what happened at that time. However, the earthquake victims talked their experience as if it had happened yesterday. One of them said with tears “Right after the earthquake, I just struggled to live. However I can shed tears these days”. We think that it is important to provide not only physical but also mental care.

APFS will continue this project. We kindly ask for your cooperation and support.