Protest Action against the decision of Non-prosecution in the case of M. Suraj


Protest Action against the decision of Non-prosecution in the case of M. Suraj
On the 3rd of this month, we put on this blog that the 10 immigration officers who participated in the forced deportation of Mr. Suraj were not going to be prosecuted.
We made a one day action to protest against this unfair decision of non-prosecution.

From 11:30AM, the fifth hearing in the trial claiming for compensation from the State occurred in the court room 705, and the room was again full with people supporting the case. Since the decision of non-prosecution of the criminal case has been issued in between the last hearing and today’s one, the recordings that were up until now in the hand of the Chiba’ district Public Prosecutor Office’s hands were released and are going to be inspected from now on.

From 12:00, we moved to the Lawyers Association building, where the Attorneys explained the decision of non-prosecution (that the death of Mr. Suraj was caused by a heart tumor). Then, as the perspective from now on, they plan to review in details the expert’s report, and eventually to get a point of view from the Committee for the Inquest of Prosecution.

From 3:00PM, we moved to the Chiba’s Prosecutor Office to make a protest action. We handed out the Protest Letter we put on this blog before, but the person in charge of the case was said to be absent, so Mr. Suraj’s widow transmitted the sheet directly. We cannot help but to feel that the decision of non-prosecution with “no suspicion”, which is a fairly rare decision, reflects that the Chiba’s district Prosecutor Office is just protecting its peers. We believe it is necessary to firmly oppose resistance to this unfair judgment.

To everybody who participated in the action despite the extreme heat, thank you very much. Thank you also to everybody who went to assist to the hearing! The next hearing will take place on Monday, the 1st of October, from 3PM in the court room 705. Everyone’s continued presence has a great influence on the judge, thank you very much for your cooperation.