Parade held by undocumented residents in Ginza


Many passengers listen to our voice.
On March 26th (Mon) 15 families / 2 individuals / 35 persons of undocumented residents and their supporters gathered and held a parade in Ginza from 1 PM to demand Special Permissions for Residence.
Before starting from Hibiya Park, with the children’s lead they prepared billboards making appeals about their reasons to continue their stay in Japan etc. While raising their voice and communicating their feelings why they want to remain in Japan, they marched to Mizutanibashi Park. By handing out many flyers to passersby, we managed to earn deeper understanding about problems faced by undocumented residents.

These 35 people who are demanding Special Permissions for Rasidence are originating from nine different countries of Bangladesh, Bolivia, Iran, Korea, Myanmar, Pakistan, Peru, the Philippines and Sri Lanka, and they also have various backgrounds such as history of stay in Japan. However, after the parade ended, they made a decision with one voice about the following four points concerning their demands to the Minister of Justice for Special Permissions for Residence. From a fundamental human rights and humanitarian perspective, these are all obvious requests.

1. Grant residence to undocumented families with children who are at least in the fourth grade of elementary school
2. Do no separate parents and children / husbands and wives
3. Grant residence to undocumented residents who have children in Japan
4. Grant Special Permissions for Residence to families with undocumented entry too

APFS staff took the responsibility and went to the Ministry of Justice on the same day to submit the resolution which, based on these four points, demands immediate Special Permissions for Residence to the 15 families / 2 individuals / 35 persons.