The 3rd court day ended in Mr. Suraj’s trial


Scene from 2nd trial
On March 12th, the 3rd court day was held from 2 PM in the trial for state reparation in Mr. Suraj’s case.

Last time, the judge indicated to the state, that is to the defendant side to stop delaying the arraignment and respond properly. However, the document prepared by the state this time was merely a summary of what our, that is the plaintiff’s side had submitted before. The attorney team has pressured that the fact that there are no objections against our points of emphasis probably means that there is no dispute over the facts. However, the defendant side argued that they had only clarified the content and would like to avoid any influence on the criminal process. In addition to delaying arraignment, there is also a limit to this sort of insincere response, that is why angry voices were raised among the observers too saying “How long could it take to make it clear!”

On a proposal by the judge, the plaintiff side will summarize the points of emphasis while the court will also try everything and think of a way to deal with the situation.

The next court day will be on May 21st (Mon) from 4 PM in courtroom No. 705. We hope that our readers will follow the state’s response too. Cooperation as court audience is also a great help.