We started support to foreigner parents who are not able to meet their own children.


Participants were from 13 counties.
We, APFS, started support to foreigner parents who are not able to meet their own children since the press interview held at The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan in August, 2011, and keep trying especially to those fathers and mothers from five countries; Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Myanmar and Tunisia.

On November 30, 2011 APFS hold a strategic meeting with Left Behind Parents Japan (LBPJ)who are dealing with the West people with 20 participants from 13 counties coming both from APFS and LBPJ. The meeting covering all continents; America, Asia, Oceania, Europe and Africa were an unprecedented global gathering. Mr. Kato, President of APFS, facilitated the meeting.

The meeting began with a workshop to identify and share the home countries of each participant by using a world map, followed by self introduction of the participants. Some of them were nearly in tears to recall bitter experiences not to meet their own children. The participants were impressively encouraging each other beyond border lines. The meeting continued to establish an action plan which includes study session with diet members, collection of signatures, parades, etc. An approach to the government, politicians, etc. is planned after fixing Policy Statement within this year.

APFS are pleased to take consultation from foreign parents who cannot meet their children. Please call 03-3964-8739 at APFS to make an appointment for consultation.

We kindly ask for your continued support.