Running a Booth at Global Festa Japan, 2011


Many visitors at the booth
We received many visitors at the booth.

APFS for the first time ran a booth at Global Festa Japan, 2011 held on October 1 and 2 at Hibiya Park.

At the booth posters were hung on the wall to introduce activities of APFS and Mr. Suraj’s case.

Visitors varying from students to the aged keenly listened to our presentations at the booth.

We are glad of the APFS’s activities known to visitors and Mr. Suraj’s case which attracted visitors in particular.

At a food court booth we made a good sale of Bangladesh food; a set of chicken coconut curry and naan as well as chai and lassi containing tapioca. Naan baked on the spot made visitors greatly interested forming a long cue to watch how naan is prepared.

There was a nice coincidence that one of the visitors met Mr. Hassan a the booth again after the visitor ate curry made by Mr. Hassan during one of his repeated visits to the affected area in Iwate to make meals outdoor to support victims.