APFS held the press conference at FCCJ(Rights to see our own children!)


Appeal by Fathers of foreign nationality
3 fathers from foreign country and APFS representative KATO held the press conference at Foreign Correspondent Club of Japan(FCCJ).

More than 2.1 million foreign nationals reside in Japan. Many foreign nationals marry Japanese, but there are some cases that end in divorce. There many cases in which Japanese wife gain custody over the children after divorce and do not let their foreign national (ex-) husbands see their children even if they want to. Furthermore, after expiration of their status of residence, these fathers have to leave to their countries of origin and they may not see their own children ever again. The question of children in international divorces has become a big issue in Japanese society; for example the Government of Japan indicated the ratification of the Hague Convention. At this press conference, three fathers of foreign nationality express their doubts about Japanese legislation with regard to divorce and also make an appeal based on their own experiences about the need for changing such legislation.

Date 5th August, 2011 15:00~16:00
Place Foreign Correspondent Club of Japan(FCCJ)
Theme Rights to see our own children!―An appeal by fathers of foreign nationality

Attendances of Press Conference
1.40’s Man from Bangladesh(Father of 1 kid)
2.30’s Man from Tunisia(Father of 2 kids)
3.20’s Man from Mali(Father of 1 kid)
4.APFS representative KATO Jotaro
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