We opened an international symposium


Keynote Speech by Lawyer
At the international symposium on May 1st (Sun), our topic was support to undocumented residents in Asia. We welcomed a guest from Korea too and shared our knowledge towards future activities. From Japan, the keynote speech was by a lawyer specializing in the Special Permit for Residence and we also had presentations from a formerly undocumented migrant who has already acquired a status of residence and from a journalist who has studied the actual situation of children deported to the Philippines. Originally, this symposium was postponed due to influences of the earthquake, so now we took time to report about support project to the disaster area APFS is also engaged in. The outline of the day was the following.

Supporting foreign residents’ lives: from Asia
From Japanese and Korean experiences in support to undocumented residents

Sponsor Oracle Yushi no Kai Volunteer Fund
Participants 60 people
Date&time May 1st (Sun) 2011, 14:00-17:00
Venue Green College Hall (Itabashi, Tokyo)

Keynote speech
On the Implementation of the ‘Guidelines on the Special Permit for Residence’ after Revision
Gen’ichi YAMAGUCHI (ALT Legal Corporation)

Foreign Residents Providing Meals at the Disaster Area
Hassan Shajahan Baitalik (APFS; Padma)

Panel talk
Coordinator: Ichiro WATADO (Meisei University)

Present Situation of Families Supported by APFS
Jotaro KATO (APFS)

After Acquisition of the Special Permit for Residence
The person who got the special permission for residence (APFS)

Present Situation of Undocumented Migrants in Korea
Young A LEE (Asia Chang/Korea)

Present Situation of Children Deported to the Philippines
Yukiko SAZANAMI (Asashi Shimbun)