【Earthquake】A project of Burmese dishes of 300 portions offered by Burmese volunteer members living in Japan was carried out in Rikuzentakada city


The meals were served via hand delivery to each and every disaster victim.
On April 9, 2011 Saturday, fifteen Burmese volunteer members visited Rikuzentakada city, Iwate prefecture, the disaster affected area and prepared meals outdoors 300 portions of Burmese dishes.
Date & time: April 9, 2011 Saturday 11:30 – 14:30 (8:30 – 11:30 settings)

Venue: Community Center in Shimoyahagi Rikuzentakada
(6-2 Nabeya Yahagicho Rikuzentakada city Iwate prefecture)

Project: Preparation of 300 Burmese dishes outdoors

Objectives: Supporting afflicted people by offering what Burmese living in Japan for a long time can do (preparing and serving Burmese dishes)

Menu: Two Burmese dishes, etc. (seasoned for Japanese taste)
(1) Curry soup made of potatoes, chicken, carrots, radish
(2) Fried tomato with boiled eggs
(3) Pickles
(4) Cup cake
(5) Coffee and tea

Sponsor: Burmese volunteers living in Japan
(NDB/Network for Democracy in Burma、MCWA/Myanmar Culture Welfare Association)

*Fund came exclusively from donation of Burmese living in Japan.
Many people not only from the evacuation area we visited but also from neighborhood came to receive the dishes. The Burmese volunteers served dishes via hand delivery talking to every disaster victim. We could hear their voices for instance “Thanks for offering sufficient quantities of dishes,” “Thanks for coming from such a long distance,” “How nice to have unexpected Burmese dishes,” “Very tasty!” After the meal the Burmese volunteers visited the evacuation center and talked to and encouraged each victim by shaking hands.

Daily necessities have arrived continuously in the evaluation center but remain unpacked and unclassified in piled carton boxes due to shortage of manpower. In the evacuation center we found aged victims who lost their children and other family members who therefore require mental health care. Since priority in support is placed on survived people at the moment, rubbles remain untouched. Continuous support is thus required.

We were deeply impressed by the statement of a staff member of Rikuzentakada city who was in charge of accepting our project who said “We are thankful for the attention to the disaster also from foreign people. We ask you to watch the afflicted area and to convey it to many people hoping not to repeat such a disaster in other area of the world.”

On the following day, April 10, 2011 Sunday at 14:00, more than 200 Burmese gathered and attended “Religious Service for Northeastern Japan Earthquake & Tsunami’s Victims.” In the service the project to prepare dishes outdoors was reported. Many of them expressed their willingness to participate in such a project next time.

Since Burmese volunteers living in Japan are to continue support to afflicted area, we, APFS, continuously support to overcome difficulties working together and cooperating between Japanese and foreigners

*The next project (preparing meals outdoors for afflicted area) of APFS is scheduled in joint cooperation with Padma (Italian and Bangladeshi restaurant).
We appreciate your donation.