Stable residence to all children enrolled in Japanese schools! – Joint Action for Special Permission for Residence Initial Rally Report

101219 決起集会

Many participants join the rally

On December 19th 2010, we held an initial rally for our joint action in which we demand Special Permission for Residence 17 families, 1 individual, altogether 42 people. First, we made a report about the following 3 points requested during our negotiation with the Ministry of Justice.

(1) Grant residence for undocumented families with children at least in elementary school
(2) Grant residence for every family member (do not separate parents and children)
(3) Grant residence for foreign families with undocumented entry, too

In the following, after having shared our understanding about the 3 walls we face, namely “the wall of the 4th grade of elementary school”, ”the wall of family separation” and ”the wall of undocumented entry”, we explained about our movements in the future. We set our overall goal to acquire stable residence in Japan to all children.

To achieve this, we have the short-term goal to understand our situation in respect to the “Guideline concerning the Special Permission for Residence” and ask for cooperation through individual signature collection and appeal to people around us. Additionally, our future mid-term goal is to broaden our movement by requests to politicians, mass media interviews, collective signature collection and various actions as well as events. Finally, we decided on the long-term goal to acquire Special Permission for Residence while strengthening horizontal ties and policy advocacy.