Negotiation with Ministry of Justice

101215 法務省交渉

Request to Ministry of Justice

On Wednesday December 15, 2010, APFS had a negotiation with Ministry of Justice. From APFS, three persons including Mr. Kato, the representative attended and from Ministry, three persons including Mr. Kuniaki Ishioka, Manager of Judgment. The negotiation was realized in cooperation with Office of Mr. Ryoichi Hattori, a lower house member.

APFS requested appropriate and flexible implementation of “the guidelines relating to special permission for residence” revised in July, 2009 and demanded the following three points:

(1) Grant residence for undocumented families with children at least in elementary school
(2) Grant residence for every family member (do not separate parents and children)
(3) Grant residence for foreign families with undocumented entry, too

Regarding (2) we received a response from the ministry that Immigration Bureau of Ministry of Justice will not divide a family into parents and children and considers one family as one unit for judgment. However, there are cases of division of family members. APFS continues to make efforts to demand of “one family one unit” policy.

APFS claimed attitude of staff members of Immigration Bureau towards foreigners and requested for improvements. Ministry of Justice promised to respond to the issue.

APFS continues to demand appropriate and flexible implementation of special permission for residence having negotiations in a regular interval.