Report from the united movement of 22 families for “plea for review”


Appeal in front of Ministry of Justice

Five families has been granted special permission for residence while others on crucial moment

‘100 days movement’ began in Feb. 1st, 2009 to legalize 22 families who had already been passed deportation order. Appeal for “plea for review” was submitted to the Ministry of Justice. We requested to consider special condition of these families. They have made their lives in Japan and raised their children who now go to elementary school or middle school in Japan.

Shocking events happened to us from July 2009 to September 2009 that few fathers of these families were not extended their provisional release and were detained, even though they were under lawsuit seeking to overturn deportation order at that time or were applicants of refugee status.In Dec. 22nd 2009, we have made appeal to the Ministry of Justice and Tokyo immigration office in order to prevent the condition to fall into a serious state.
We made mainly two points in this negotiation:

1) to take into consideration that these families have children of the age older than 10 years old, which was the point mentioned as considerable point to grant special permission for residence in ‘Guideline on Special permission for residence ‘ (July, 2009 revised by Immigration bureau)
2)2) to release fathers who have been detained during July to September 2009.

We made appeal in front of Immigration Bureau. Children read message to their fathers with tears in their eyes. Earliest possible provisional release of these fathers was requested.

Dec 24th, 2009 we
got very happy news that
one Chinese family has
been granted special permission for residence. Iranian and Philippine families have followed after this. Up until now (January 31st ), 5 families have been granted special permission for residence(although one family have been deported).

There is little time left for 16 families. Although it is crucial moment for them, there were only few participants at urgent meeting in the beginning of 2010. We have to admit that prolonged movement is now causing fatigue and lesser commitment of these families. Uniting our power again is much necessary to continue our movement for the special permission for residence. We appreciate your continuous understanding and warm support.