Report of APFS Xmas Party


Adults also enjoyed Isutori game

APFS had a Christmas party on December 20th 2009. More than 100 participants enjoyed ethnic dishes and exciting-and-thrilling games.

APFS’s parties including this one have been opened for families
who do not have a legal permission to stay in Japan. They have been stressed out with living their life without a visa for a long time. Every time we hold those events, we wonder when they would be able to participate in those parties without any fear and worries over their future.

Kids from 22 families, who have already got their deportation-order paper issued, also joined the party. Those kids tell us a dream of their future, such as becoming a policeman, a train driver, a pastry chef. In order to make their dreams come true, parents and APFS should put a bit more effort into getting their special permission.

Although APFS has been requesting the Immigration Bureau to issue a special permission to those 22 families with an activity called “100 days action” since February 2009, the situation is still not going well: 8 fathers from the 22 families are still caught in the Immigration Bureau. They and APFS wished the fathers would come back to their families by this party, which would be the best present for the kids. However, this would never happen.

You might think APFS as such “aggressive people” because of some demos, but we also have this kind of relaxing and enjoyable events. Why don’t you come and join us?