APFS held “Free Health Check-up for foreign residents”


scene from dental check

On Sunday August 30th 2009, the annual free health check-up for foreign residents, Zaijyu gaikokujin muryo kenkoshindan, was held at High-Life Plaza Itabashi. As in prior years, this was a joint event with SHARE: Services for the Health in Asian and African Regions. Rain in the morning held back the number of examinees, however, during the afternoon there was a steady increase and by the end approximately fifty foreign residents had been examined. Many of Muslims refrained from going out due to Ramadan. As a consequence, Myanmar nationals were the most frequent this time.

The check-ups involved urine tests, x-ray tests, dental checks and medical examination through interview. Through such an interview of medical conditions, the doctor found out that a Filipino had varicose veins, and it turned out that he immediately needed an operation. Due to problems such as language difficulties and high fee for medical services, it is not unusual that foreign residents are not able to go to hospital. Hence, we wish hereon to provide opportunities for free health examinations as this time.