【Earthquake】To our foreign members How does APFS correspond to east Japan big earthquake

We A.P.F.S. express our heartfelt sympathy to victims of east Japan big earthquake.

A.P.F.S. has confirmed the safety of foreign members. Fortunately all of them are safe.

Regarding planned electric power outage (Keikaku teiden) and traffic, it is quite difficult to access the information for foreign residents. A.P.F.S. basically operates as usual (Monday-Friday 18:00). If you have any problems regarding earthquake, please contact to 03-3964-8739 (A.P.F.S. office).

In addition, we have prepared some food for disaster even though amount is a little. If you need the food, please come to office with the appointment in advance.

Many people widespread information after the earthquake. Some chain mail existed. Please confirm information whether true or not. Let’s overcome the difficulties together!

Nonprofit Organization A.P.F.S.
Representative KATO Jotaro