Voice from Philippine man Mr. R

Today, let’s hear about the story of Mr. R., who lives in Japan since 1993.

As a child, Mr. R. dreamt of coming and living in Japan, but it’s only at 30, after working in a shipyard in Bahrain, that he had the opportunity to come to Japan for the first time. At that time, Mr. R. asked for a visa to go to Australia and Japan as well. Response from the Japanese Embassy came first, and he decided to head for Japan. Considering the story of Mr. R. so far, his life in Japan, and the way he warmly speaks about it (in a very good japanese), it sure was for the best.

Mr. R. stayed in Okinawa a few weeks, but soon decided to go to Yokohama, on the advice of two cousins of his who lived there. He lives there since, where he was a house painter until recent events. Unfortunately, having overstayed his visa, he was caught by the Immigration Services and went to detention center, where he was locked down for 10 months. He is now on temporary release, and, being not allowed to work, finds himself in an uneasy situation. He’s happily volunteering here and then, and he is always here to give a helpful hand at APFS. He is waiting the decision from the Court, which could be one year from now.

Whatever it may be, Mr. R. is determined to marry his fiancée, from the Philippines as well, who he’s in a relationship with for 10 years. Even though Mr. R. doesn’t forget his natal Philippines and Olongapo province, he’s not planning on coming back to the Philippines, for his life is in Japan.