Voice from Philipine Woman Miss. M

            Way back 1990’s when the first time I come here in Japan to work , this is the first time I left my mother land (PHILIPPINES) It’s hard to me to leave my family suffered from the poverty happened in the Philippines. So I decided to go here in Japan to work to help my parents needs for there everyday living.

              Let me introduce my self first before telling my short story living here in Japan. I’m M, but my friends call me Mary, about my age hmmm………secret!!!! I married to Mr. G for almost 18 years.

             We bless two siblings, they both born here in Japan. Our eldest name is Alice. She’s now second year Junior High School, and the youngest one is named Calvin. He is grade 5 student in elementary school.

             Japan is very busy country that is the first impression I felt here: full of lights, higher building, clean road, clean garbage, so many sight seeing place, nice river, nice water falls and hot spring, long tunnel inside the mountain connecting to another place. and long bridge connecting to another Island. How amazing country!!

             However, living here in Japan is not easy, if you want to stay long or more years here you need to adopt their culture. Whether you like it or not we need to follow their rule. Eating Japanese food like “sashimi with wasabi”, and most of all you need to learn Japanese language to communicate Japanese people.

            I have so many good and bad experience while living here in Japan, but those experience learn to me how to be come a good person or a good mother to my children. Experience is the best teacher in this world. So don’t stop believing in your self, they can do… you can do it.
More power to all readers and advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.