Voice from Filipino woman Ms.B

I am a Filipino, I came here to Japan twenty years ago, to study and work. At first, I don’t know the language and can’t read Japanese. It is difficult for a foreigner to stay in a country you don’t even understand the language. The Japanese also don’t want to communicate with foreigner or I should say they don’t like foreigners. But now a days they are changing little by little.

1993, I met my husband, a Filipino and we got married. We are blessed with a son who is now 13 years old and he is studying at a public junior high school. Raising a child here in Japan is very difficult because everything is expensive. You have to work hard for the sake of your family to survive.

As a parent we want our children to have a good future. We see to it that, he can finish college or university and have a good work in the future. Now my son is doing good in his studies and we tried our best to give him all what he needs.

I like Japan and I also like children. I volunteered in a local church, we are teaching the children bi-lingual (Japanese and English). This children’s parents are a Filipino who married to some Japanese. We teach them the Christian and good values of our country. I want to touch my fellow Filipino and other foreigners who are living here in Japan, that we should teach our children good values of our country and also the good values of Japan. I know that some of us have difficuly in speaking Japanese, but we should not stop learning. As we are here living in Japan we must love our second country.
Thank you to the APFS that they are helping foreign community to live normally. I just hope that the Japanese government will take more action concerning the foreign residents, living in Japan. I consider APFS as my family and I still believe that the FAMILY is the FOUNDATION of SOCIETY.