Voice from Bangladeshi man Mr.A

I am a Bangladeshi. I have been living in Tokyo for three years.

It had been very difficult to make conversations when I first came here. People seemed unwilling to communicate in English with foreigners. Commuting by trains had been troublesome for me, but as Japanese peoples are very helpful for others, they tried to help as much as they could. With the support of my coworkers and customers at the restaurant in which I work, I slowly have learnt the language.

It’s a very hard job for foreigners to rent a house in Japan; especially in Tokyo. I myself have experienced the tiresome search for a place. Most house owners doesn’t like to have a foreigner as their tenants, and the initial fees for renting a house is very high for us. But anyway, with the kind help of my friends, I have managed a house some 3.5 km away from my workplace. The government could have a larger role in solving this problem by raising awareness among the citizens.

APFS has helped out many foreigners like me. Without the support of this organization, many people could have been deported to their respective homelands.

Japan is a nice country to live. Rich in natural beauty, cultural heritage, this country attracts people from every part of the world. We, foreigners want to live with the Japanese people in peace and harmony. As Japanese society is continuously aging, a bigger need for foreign helping hands would be felt soon in this country.

I would like to thank everyone of the APFS to give me the chance to express my feelings.