Seeking Participants – Certified Care Worker Certification Acquisition Support Course for Foreign Residents

Certified Care Worker is the highest qualification in the care worker industry. Your chances of being employed will increase if you acquire this certification. Many people have completed basic care worker training but it can be a struggle to become a Certified Care Worker. In this course, an expert care worker will demonstrate how even foreign residents can acquire this certification. Please don’t miss this opportunity.

Participants that completed last years basic care giver training

Participants that completed last year's basic care giver training

Hello Hello Gourmet (Takashimadaira ACT Community Space)
(3-minute walk from Shin-Takashimadaira Station on the Toei Mita Line)
3-10-1 Takashimadaira, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
Ms. Natusko Minamino (Showa Women’s University Sociology Professor)
5 Person Limit
1. Completed Basic Care Giver Training (formerly Home Helper Level 2)
2. Be able to attend every lecture

1 – Saturday, Sep. 26 13:30~14:15 Introduction and Orientation
2 – Saturday, Sep. 26 14:15~15:00 Your Current and Future Career (Worksheet)
3 – Saturday, Oct. 24 13:30~14:15 Realities for Foreigners Working in Japan
4 – Saturday, Oct. 24 14:15~15:00 Foreign Care Workers in Japan
5 – Saturday, Nov. 21 13:30~14:15 What is the Certified Care Worker Qualification
6 – Saturday, Nov. 21 14:15~15:00 Pros of Becoming a Certified Care Worker
7 – Saturday, Dec. 26 13:30~14:15 How to Become a Certified Care Worker 1
8 – Saturday, Dec. 26 14:15~15:00 My Experience (Guest Speaker)
9 – Saturday, Jan. 23 13:30~14:15 How to Become a Certified Care Worker 2
10 – Saturday, Jan. 23 14:15~15:00 How to Become a Certified Care Worker 2
11 – Saturday, Feb. 6 13:30~14:15 How to Become a Certified Care Worker 3
12 – Saturday, Feb. 6 14:15~15:00 How to Become a Certified Care Worker 3
13 – Saturday, Feb. 27 13:30~14:15 Creating a Plan for the Future
14 – Saturday, Feb. 27 14:15~15:00 Strategies for the Exam
15 – Saturday, Mar. 12 13:30~14:15 Strategies for the Exam
16 – Saturday, Mar. 12 14:15~15:00 Review & Networking Event

Sponsor       Asian People’s Friendship Society (APFS), NPO
Co-Sponsor Asian Community Takashimadaira (Takashimadaira ACT), NPO

Registration: Please contact ACT via telephone (any weekday except Monday)
or email with your name, affiliation, and contact information.
Telephone: 03-6753-9814 Email:
(If you can’t get in touch, please contact APFS at the number below)
APFS Telephone: 03-3964-8739