Please tell me your hope! APFS’s project for road of hope ― demand the legalization of the non-regular residents


What is you hope?
Please tell me your hope!
APFS started “the project for road of hope ―demand the legalization of the non-regular tartars” since June in 2014.
In Japanese society, there are a lot of people who cannot raise their voices ―such as senior citizens, disabled people and non-regular residents. We aim to make the generous society through “the project for road of hope”.
We especially focus on non-regular residents, and want to send their voices. And we widen the ring of the support with senior citizens, the handicapped to make the society friendly.
In addition to the above, we plan to various activities. For example, to build the network
to cooperate with for non-regular residents in local town, and to visit the facilities for the
senior and the disabled. Through these actions, we hope that the concerned people will regain their wishes overcoming their situation of provisional discharge for a long time.
APFS will gather the voices of the people living in Japan in order to send them to some city councils. We use this paper as the attached document to the petition for demanding non-regular residents’ special permission. Members of city councils should listen to your “Hope”.
We need your voices to expand their rights.
Thank you for your supporting and cooperating us.
Please tell me your hope!-What is your hope?

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