Please Support the ‘No Appeal Movement’ regarding the Trial for State Compensation in Mr. Suraj’s Case


Mr. Suraj
On March 22, 2010, Ghanaian Citizen Abubakar Awudu Suraj, died as he was being deported from Japan. The deportation was carried out without Suraj’s consent and at government expense. Moreover, it is known that Immigration Department officials accompanying him used unauthorized items-such as handcuffs on legs, a towel, and nylon ties- to restrain him before he died.

Almost four years have passed since Mr. Suraj died on March 22nd 2010. We have been engaged in unraveling the truth about Mr. Suraj’s death in a trial for state compensation since August 5th 2011. The court is scheduled to deliver its judgment on March 19th this year. The counselors in the attorney team have made many facts clear, and thanks to the attention of many supporters, the truth about Mr. Suraj’s death, as well as the whereabouts of the state’s responsibility was made clear. Since this is a trial against the state, we cannot be optimistic, but there is real possibility that Mr. Suraj’s side will win the case. Therefore, we are organizing a short-term signature collection campaign as part of the ‘No Appeal Movement’ to stop the state side from appealing against the court’s decision in case the plaintiff wins the trial. Since there is already a possibility for appeal on the day of the judgment, we set the goal of collecting 10,000 signatures in one week after the day of the ‘trial winning’ judgment.

If a ‘trial winning’ judgment is made, we have to mobilize right away. Below, we are sending you a signature format. We would like to ask you to make requests (and to collect signatures) in advance. On the day of the judgment, we immediately start adding up results. We humbly ask for your cooperation!

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