Mr. Suraj 7/30 One Day Action


Protest to non-prosectution of Mr. Suraj’s case!!
Mr. Suraj 7/30 One Day Action
On March 22, 2010, Ghanaian citizen Abubakar Awudu Suraj, died as he was being deported from Japan. The Immigration Officers present at the time used excessive coercive measures. M. Suraj’s Japanese wife pressed criminal charges against them on the 28th of June 2010. The awaited decision came out on the 3rd of July, the Chiba’s District Public Prosecutor’s office decided of the non-prosecution. Even though the cause of his death remained unclear until now, it was stated that he died because of a heart tumor.
We, the supporting organization, and M. Suraj’s wife decided on a day of action to protest this decision. With the most people possible, we hope to make the trial aiming at State Compensation go forward and to put pressure on the Prosecutor’s office in Chiba dissimulating the crime of its fellow Public Officials!

30/07/2012 Schedule

11:30AM Fifth Hearing of the Trial Claiming for State Compensation (Tokyo District Court Court Room 705)
12:00-13:00 Explanation Meeting of the non-prosecution decision by the lawyers association
14:30 Action in front of the Chiba’s Public Prosecutors Office (Chiba Toshi Monorail, 3 minutes from the Yoshikawa Park Station)

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