The opening of a website concerning Mr. Suraj’s accident


In March 2010, a Ghanaian man named Abubakar Awudu Suraj (referred below as Mr. Suraj) died during deportation from Japan. The Immigration Officers who took part to the deportation used towels, handcuffs and private things, and Mr. Suraj died while they were forcibly restraining him. We, at APFS, together with the bereaved family, his friends, and lawyers, cooperate and try to make the State and the Immigration Officers unveil the truth.
Even if two years have passed since the death of Mr. Suraj, it is still unclear, and in order to let the most people possible, a new website has been created in June 2006. It features detailed information about the accident, news reports on the actions taken and future actions and agenda.

Awudu Suraj Website