APFS Symposium on the Revised Immigration Act (22nd April, 2012)


Let’s study together regarding revised Immigration Act!
From July 9th 2012, the revision of the Immigration Act will take effect. There will be significant changes, such as the Certificate of Alien Registration will be abolished and the Residence Card will be introduced instead. On one hand, people with visas will have to submit more reports and notifications to the Immigration Bureau etc. On the other hand, people without visas will not be able to get Residence Cards, so they will not have any documents to identify themselves.

It is important for both people with and without visas to clearly understand these changes in the new Immigration Act. In this symposium, the speakers will tell us why the Immigration Act was revised and what the new content is. Later, there will be time to discuss specific issues such as what kind of measures should be taken based on the participants’ visa category. If you have worries about the new Immigration Act, you can use this opportunity and ask.

Date & time: April 22nd 2012 14:00 – 16:30
Venue:Toshima Ward Residents’ Center(Core Ikebukuro)5F Music Room
* 5 minutes from Ikebukuro Station
Handout fee: 500 yens
Speakers:Sosuke SEKI, Attorney at Law
Hiroshi MIYAUCHI, Attorney at Law
Ryoko MINAGAWA, Attorney at Law
Language: Easy Japanese
* Need NOT application in advace (Just come to the place directly)

TEL 03-3964-8739 FAX 03-3579-0197 (Yoshida Ms.)

*This symposium is mainly for foreign residents, however, Japanese who are interested in this content are highly welcomed.