New Immigration Law ~What is Foreign Resident Card~


Zairyu card (from homepage of MoJ Immigration Bureau)
Date:February 25th 15:00~16:30
Place: Itabashikuritu-Naka-Cho Chiiki Center Washitu 2
(8 min. walk from Tobu-tojo Line Oyama Station)
Fee:Free(for people of foreign origins)
Speaker:Ms. Yukiko Omagari(From Ijuren)
Dr. Junpei Yamamura (From Minato-machi Clinic)
○Language:Easy Japanese

Immigration Law is being revised now and new Immigration Law will be applied from this
coming July. But many of us are not really sure what kind of changes there would be and how it affects us. You might have many questions.

In this study session, Mrs. Omagari will explain about the changes in new Immigration Law
and also about the new Foreign Resident Card system. Also, we will welcome Dr. Yamamura to
study about insurance for foreign mother and child.

It is important that we understand the changes and follow them. Take this chance and be
prepared for the changes!