【18th Dec】 Lecture:Earthquake and Law

Image of the lecture

Prepare for another earthquake!
Date:December 18, 2011 (Sun.) 2:30 PM ~4 PM
Place: Itabashikuritu-Bunkakaikan, Conference Room 2 (8 min. walk from Tobu-tojo Line Oyama Station)
Fee:Free(for people of foreign origins)
Speaker:Lawyer Ryoko Minagawa(From Milestone Sogo Law Office)
Language:Easy Japanese

After the Tohoku Earthquake in Japan, we held two lectures: “Let’s Talk about the Tohoku Earthquake” and “Let’s have Correct Information about Nuclear Power Plant and Radioactivity.” The topic of our third lecture is “earthquake and law.” In this lecture, we are going to invite a lawyer as a speaker who has experience in giving legal advice at areas where the earthquake occurred. The speaker will talk about various problems that arose after the earthquake and also about topics that people from foreign origins may have interest in, such as visa and procedures for re-entrance to Japan in times of disasters, and whether people of foreign origins will be able to receive support from Japan. By gaining information beforehand, we will be mentally prepared when another earthquake occurs in the future. Legal problems are difficult, but the speaker will talk in easy Japanese. Please join us!

Supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government under its Foreign Resident Aid program (2011)