【21st Aug】Get Right Understanding on Nuclear Plants and Radiation

Even though four months have already passed since the Higashi-Nihon Earthquake and nuclear accident, the situation has not been improved. The information on nuclear plants and radiation tends to be too technical and we may find it difficult to understand. We are also aware that how to get relevant information itself is a challenge for many non-Japanese residents. It is not too difficult to imagine that you have growing anxiety under the current irregular situation.

APFS is going to host an information session where non-Japanese residents can learn about nuclear plants and radiation to help them reduce their worries. We will have a guest speaker who will tell us what we should know and care about regarding the nuclear and radiation. This session will help us get right knowledge which enables us to lead our life in peace.

Date and Time:21 Aug.(Sun) 2011, 15:00~16:30
Venue:Itabashi Green Hall room 502 (Tobu-Tojo line 8minutes on foot)
Guest Speaker:Junpei Yamamura (medical doctor) 

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