【YOUR HELP STILL WANTED】Please support us with a request letter to demand a swift prosecution by trial in Mr. Suraj’s case!


The late Mr. Suraj
March 22nd 2011 was the first anniversary of Mr. Suraj’s death, a man of Ghanaian nationality who died during deportation on March 22nd 2010. On this occasion, we will submit request letters to the Chiba District Prosecutor’s Office to demand a swift trial.

According to present conditions, the collection of these request letters is not going very well due to the confusion after the earthquake etc., so we would like to ask for your cooperation. Also, please let others know about it!

We planned to submit the letters on March 22nd, but under influences of the earthquake we postponed the submission date. Please send the letters to the A. P. F. S. office either by FAX (+81-3-3579-0197) or by mail (55-6-301 Ohyama Higashi-cho, Itabashi Ward, Tokyo 173-0014). Thank you for your help!

* The request letter (.pdf) can be downloaded from →here←.