APFS works to protect the lives of foreign residents, regardless of their legal status. Much like many native residents of Japan, the prolonged economic recession has caused the lives of some foreign residents to become extremely difficult. At APFS, we provides consultations to over 1,000 foreign residents from more than 25 countries a year. By donating, you can participate in the process of helping to support the lives of over 1000 foreign residents in Japan.
The donations we receive are carefully used in order to ensure we can continue defending the livelihoods of foreign residents.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would consider making a donation.

1. Donations from Japan Post Bank

At your local post office, fill in a Payment Service Form (払込取扱票) with the following information and complete your donation at the service desk.

JP Bank Money Transfer Account (郵便振替口座): 00130-6-485104

Member Name (加入者名): APFS

*Please write “Donation” in the comments (通信欄) box.

2. Online Donations

You can also send donations online.

Select a donation amount from the box below and you can complete your donation completely online without having to go to your bank or post office.

Important points regarding credit card transactions

*On the next screen, please delete “test_user” from the ‘CUSTOMER ID’ section and leave the box blank.
*Settlement Date: The date will differ depending on your credit card company.
*Number of Payments: It will be a one-time payment.
*Credit card transactions are processed via Another Lane, Inc. Japan. The company’s payment system uses secure SSL technology to ensure your private data is transmitted in a secure form.
*You will not receive an official receipt for donations made via credit card.

Frequent Questions about Donations

Q: Which countries do the people you support come from?

We provide consultations to people from more than 25 countries, mainly in South East and South Asia. Recently, the number of people from Africa seeking consultations has been increasing.
Asia: Iran, India, Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Myanmar, Nepal
Africa: Uganda, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Congo, Tunisia, Nigeria, Benin, Mali
Other: America, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia

Q: What kinds of problems are foreign residents having?

Foreign residents face various problems in Japan due to their differing languages and cultures. Most of the people that visit APFS for consultations are concerned about their status of residence or have problems regarding international marriage and divorce. In addition, we provide consultations regarding things such as education, school entry, health matters, car accidents, taxes, etc.

Q: How are donations used?

1. Transportation fees for traveling to help settle the problems of foreign residents that consult with us (we travel to the Itabashi Ward Office here in Tokyo and even as far away as Ibaraki and Yamanashi prefectures)
2. Correspondence fees for communicating with clients (via mail, phone, etc.)
3. Various expenses related to carrying out campaigns and activities.
Additionally, in order to support the needs of our clients, we need to have full-time staff and maintain an office. In line with this, donations also help to cover administration fees.

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